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Chipotle Sauce

“Possibly the best Chipotle sauce ever”!  That’s quite a compliment and we hear it a lot.  Vanderpol’s newest sauce is sweet, spicy and smoky; the absolute perfect balance of heat and flavour.  People are eating it up, literally. 

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Egg Salad

Great news for all you Egg Salad lovers – Vanderpol’s Eggs has just created a ready to serve Egg Salad that honestly looks and tastes homemade.  This egg salad is an industry first and features a 60 day shelf life, clean ingredient list, soft egg whites and great flavour – almost like your mother made it!.

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Heat & Serve Breakfast Solutions

Food service operators continue to see incredible growth in breakfast traffic.  Keep your menu fresh and exciting and your labour and prep costs down with Vanderpol’s Eggs extensive line of heat & serve egg and breakfast items.

*Egg Patties
*French Toast
*Scrambled Eggs

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Hollandaise Sauce

Try our NEW and improved, ready-to-serve Hollandaise sauce, created with our food service customers’ needs in mind. Vanderpol’s Eggs Hollandaise sauce is made with natural quality ingredients and is chef approved! Now you can get consistent, gourmet Hollandaise sauce that tastes great everytime! Great over eggs benedict and asparagus.

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Béarnaise Sauce

Introducing Vanderpol’s Eggs NEW, ready-to-serve Béarnaise sauce. Our Béarnaise sauce is made with Vanderpol’s Eggs liquid egg yolk, real butter flavour, tarragon and other herbs and spices. Just add on top of steak, chicken or seafood for an elegant taste and gourmet flavour.

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Liquid Egg White 500g

Vanderpol’s Eggs Liquid Egg White comes in a screw-cap gable-top carton. Great for any baking recipes that use egg whites, like meringue pies and tiramisu. For a low cholesterol option, use Vanderpol’s Eggs Liquid Egg White in your omelettes for a more nutritious meal!

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