Liquid Egg White (500g)

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Benefit Profile

Pasteurized egg white is prepared from chicken eggs. Eggs are washed and sanitized prior to being broken. The egg white is separated from the yolk and pasteurized to maintain product quality and integrity.  



Egg White


Pasteurized egg white is a healthy alternative to breaking individual eggs.


Liquid egg white is one of the purest forms of protein in the world – pure protein, no fat, no cholesterol. This makes egg whites ideal for people on the go, sports enthusiasts, body builders and every nutritionally conscious person.

Great for egg white omelettes, scrambled eggs, and can be used in any cooking or baking recipe. Add them to virtually any drink without changing the flavour: orange juice, fruit and yogurt smoothies, etc. A great way to increase the protein in your diet.


Egg White is available in 500g cartons.


Storage Conditions

Liquid: Product must be kept refrigerated at 1-4ºC (33-40ºF). Use product promptly after opening.

Shelf Life

Shelf life is 90 days stored, unopened, at the recommended temperature.


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Vanderpol's Eggs Egg White Allergen and Nutritional Info


Vanderpol's Eggs Liquid Egg White 500g

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