Hollandaise Sauce

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Benefit Profile

Finally a fresh, heat-stable, clean-label Hollandaise with a flavour that is rich and buttery with a mild tang of lemon. Our Hollandaise is made with fresh
egg yolk, real butter and lemon flavour.

  Gourmet taste – smooth-mouth feel,
    exceptional taste

  Fresh and ready-to-use – just heat and serve

  Heat-stable – will not break and is food safe

  Consistent taste, appearance and flavour

  Eliminates costly prep time

  No waste – can be refrigerated and served
    next day


Soya Oil, Canola Oil, Water, Salted Egg Yolk, Frozen Modified Egg Yolk, Natural Butter, Lemon and Worcestershire Flavour, Natural and Artificial Tabasco Flavour, Acetic Acid, Natural Colours.


Heat n’ Serve Hollandaise sauce has a smooth texture and taste and can be kept hot for considerable periods of time without thickening or breaking.


Heat n’ Serve Hollandaise sauce can be paired with vegetables, such as asparagus, or served on top of poached eggs for eggs benedict.


Heat n’ Serve Hollandaise sauce is available in cases of 6 x 1 kg poly bags, packed in a corrugated box.

Storage Conditions

Product should be refrigerated at 1-4ºC (33-40ºF). Use promptly after opening. Extended storage outside the conditions specified above may impact product quality and functionality.

Shelf Life

Shelf life is 6 months stored, unopened, at the recommended temperature.


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